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Bells & Carriage Lamps
Bells for every horse drawn occasion.  Our selection ranges from Strand Bells to Saddle Chimes.  Carriage Lamps in Brass and Chrome

Bits - Riding and Driving
Butterfly, Elbow, Buxton, Liverpool, Kimberwick, Tom thumb, Full check, Low ports, and many other bits.

Blankets and Shipping Boots
Draft Blankets, Sheets and Coolers, Shipping boots.


Books, Calendars, Window Decals and Gift Items


Buckles - Snaps - Chain - Harness Hardware
Buckles, Snaps,  Heel Chains, Lead Chains, Toggle


Christmas cards

Closeout and Sale items

Collar Pads and Harness Back Pads
We have a wide variety of collar pads; show or parade, farm and pulling.  We also offer back pads and top neck pads.

Collars - Driving - Work - Show - Pulling
Draft, Haflinger, Quarter Horse, Mule, Pony and Mini.

Decorations- Mane & Tail for Special Occasions
Mane Flowers, Tail bows, Mane Rolls

All mane decorations are custom hand made. Due to the up coming World Percheron and Clydesdale shows we are aprox. 4 to 6 weeks on making custom orders.

Director Chairs

Double Trees - Neck Yokes- Spreader Bars - SS Parts
Browse our variety of stainless steel and wooden Double Tree Eveners, or our selection of stainless steel Spreader Bars, Wagon Parts and Wooden Neck Yokes.

Draft Performance Bits

Driving Bits

Driving Bits Made in the USA

Driving Lines
Lines for driving single through 8

Farm, Work and Driving collars

Fly Protection

Gift Certificate

Gift Items
Collar clocks and mirrors
Draft Horse and Mule Calendars

Grooming Supplies
Nevr-Dull, Hair polish, Brushes, hoof black, Itchin post, Shampoo,

Halters & Bridles
Nylon & Leather everyday halters - Beta & Leather Show Halters and Driving Bridles

Show, Work, Buggy, Pony, Mini

Hard to find Items
Items for everyday use and hard to find. Medicine Boots, Braiding bench,  Whip holder,  Bell boots, Hame balls, Neck sweats, Horse diapers, Harness hooks, Plumes, and our new bit measuring tool.

Harness - Show - Work - Pleasure
Draft, Haflinger, Quarter horse, Mule, Pony and Mini. 

Harness and Supplies

Harness Diagram Draft Work Harness
A detailed guide to assembling your Draft Work Harness

Harness Parts Bio, Nylon and Beta
Hame straps, Cart straps, Hold back straps, Cruppers, Overcheck straps,

Harness show boxes

Heel Chains and Trace Chains

How to measure and fit a collar

Lead Chains

Leather Wallets

Logging and Pulling (Heavy Duty)

Ornaments - Harness

Harness Ornaments, Face Plates (brasses), Decorative chain (for Harness, Halters, Bridles), Toggles, Hames Balls and Tops, Nose Plate,  

Pioneer Equipment
Fore Carts, Wagons, Plows, Tongues and Parts

Pioneer Equipment

Riding Bits

Riding Equipment For Your Draft Horse
Western and English Saddles, Bridles, Cinches, Breast Collars and Equipment

Show Collars


Spreaders - Line and Vee
We have a collection of Spreaders from White and Stainless Vee Spreaders, Bio Fancy Line Spreaders, to Single Ring Spreaders.  We also offer Line Heart with Letters, and Line Holders/Tandem rings.

Whips & Show Sticks

Window Decals

Click here to view our line of horse decals.



1616 Combo breast snap

2019 Draft Horse Calendar
2019 Draft Horse Calendar

2019 Mule Calendar
2019 Mule Calendar

305 Stainless Steel Straight Bar Bit 6"

307 Stainless Steel Loose Ring Straight Twisted Bar Bit

Accessories & Options

Arctic Sleigh Bell Door Hanger

Arctic Sleigh Bell Straps

Back Pads For Harnesses

Barn Guide to Horse Health Care & First Aid 67639

Beta Driving Lines

Beta Show Halters and Bridles
Show season is here.

Bio 2 Strap Farm - Work - Parade

Bio 3 Strap Farm & Parade Harness

Bio Choke & Breast Strap

Bio Crupper and Forks.

Bio Fancy Line Spreaders

Bio Overcheck Straps

Bio Stud Belt & Bridle

Bio-Strand Bells

Birch with spoon overcheck bit

Bit Snap

Bit straps Bio

Bowman -Low Barrel Roller

Braiding Manes & Tails Instruction Book 67699

Brass Sleigh Bells

Brass Sleigh Bells

Breast Collar - Beta, Neoprene, and Fleece Lined

Breast Collar Harness

Breast Nameplate

Breast Snap Stainless Steel 835

Bridle Rein Ups, farm style

Buggy Hames

Bull Snap Stainless Steel 3143

Butterfly Driving Bits

Buxton Show Bit 1002

Cart Straps for Single Horse Shafts

Chain Choke & Breast Strap

Christmas Bells on Bio Strap

Christmas Cards Holiday Visitors

Collar Carriage, Driving -for Mini, Pony, Mule or Horse

Collar Clocks or Collar Mirrors

Collar Pads (Show or Parade)

Complete Overcheck

Conway Buckles 545

Cotton Sheets 1700S

Cradle smooth check bit

Curb Chains and Hooks

Curry Comb

Curry Washer

Davis Barrier Boot

Davis Horse Boot (Medicating)

Decorative chain (for Harness, Halters, Bridles)

Deluxe Bio Show Harness

Diaper for Draft thru Mini's

Direct check / Bridle parts

Door hanger bells

Double end snap

Double show harness box

Draft Bell Boots

Draft Driving or Grooming Cavason

Draft Horse and Mules
Draft Horses and Mules

Draft Horse Bell 65-3465

Draft Horse Measurer
Height measures up to 19 hands on one side and 90cm on the other side. Made of aluminum and does not rust.

Draft Horse Western Saddle

Draft Horse Western Show Saddle

Draft Horses an Owners Manual 177

Draft Horses Today 032A

Draft Light Farm Harness

Draft Practice Harness

Draft Quarter Strap

Draft Size Bareback Riding Pad

Draft Size Splint Boot Pair (2)

Draft Trail Saddle 214

Driving Bridles Bio/Beta

Economy Show Harness

Eggbutt Snaffle 1063

Elbow or Military Bits

Electro Horse Groom

English Girth

EZ Collar Measurer

Face Ornaments Stainless Steel

Fancy Bio Breast Collar Harness

Fancy Leather Riding BridleW/Montana Silver Trim

Farm / Work Collar Pads 1770
Check out the New colors.

Farm Collars for Everyday use
We now have collars for Horses and Mules.

Farm Hames

Farm Hames for chain style tugs

Fjords Decal

Flat Housing

Flat Snap Stainless Steel

Fly Leg Guard

Fly Mask for Drafts

Fly Nets - Whole Horse

Fly Sheet lightweight

Folding Braiding Bench

Folding Harness Rack

Full Cheek Eggbutt Snaffle 1055

Getta Grip Saddle Pad

Gift Certificate

Grazing Muzzle Draft size

Halter Bridle Combo

Halters Beta #550 thru 563

Hame Balls and Hame Tops

Hame Fastener

Hame Straps

Hardware for Double tree, neck yoke and single trees.

Harness and Collar Bag

Harness Diagram Draft Work Harness
Order this diagram to use as a detailed guide to assembling your Draft Work Harness.

Harness Hooks

Harness Ornaments

Hay Bags Extra Large

HD. Pulling and Logging evener / doubletree

Heel Chains & Dees

Hock Sweat Boot

Hold Back Straps

Hoof Black

Housing Swinging Toggle

Ice Horse Evendura Wraps

Ice Horse Hock Wrap

Itchin' Post

It's Show Time 057

Kimberwick English Riding Bits

Lead Chains - Flat Link

Leather Draft Horse Halter

Line heart with Letter

Line Holders/Tandem Ring

Line Organizer

Liverpool Driving Bits

Logging or Heavy work collar #550

Loose Ring French Snaffle1091

Loose Ring Snaffle 310C

Low Block Port Roller

Mane Comb

Mane Flowers - Diamonds

Mane Flowers - Rose Bud

Mane Flowers - Triple Bow

Mane Rolls - Metallic

Mane Rolls - Poly Double Knit

Mane Rolls - Sequin

Marathon and Combined Driving Harness

Matt Comb

M-T-G and Magic Sheen Hair Polish , Hi Shine Shampoo

Mule Bit 320

Neoprene Neck Sweat


New Style Lead Breeching Strap

Nylon 2 liter bottle holder

Nylon 2 Strap Hame Style Harness

Nylon 3 Strap Harness

Nylon Halter - Economy

Nylon Single Breast Collar Harness

Nylon Whip

Open Eye Snap

orvus shampoo

Overcheck bits

Pads for Breast Collar Harness

Parade Wagon- People hauler Wagon

Patio Seats

Pelham Mullen Mouth 1067A

Pepi Coat Conditioner

Pioneer Blade & Sled runners

Pioneer Buckboard

Pioneer Dump Trailer

Pioneer Footlift Sulky Plow

Pioneer Gang Mower

Pioneer Gang Plow

Pioneer Homesteader

Pioneer Liberty PTO Carts

Pioneer Potato Plow

Pioneer Sulky Plow

Pioneer Walking Plow

Pioneer Work Sled

Plumes & Tassels

Pole Strap

Pony & Mini Team Harness

Pony and Mini

Pony Wagon Beds

Practice/training/farm Wagon

Premium Nylon Draft Halters 1400
One of the best halters made in the USA !

Pulling Collar (Competition)

Pulling Collar Pads 1780

Pulling Hames

Pulling Style Bridle

Pulling Tugs

Quick Links

Quiet Ride Fly Masks

Regular Birch Overcheck bit

Repair Links and Snaps

Ride on pony cycle

Riding Bridle - Bio & Beta

Riding Bridles - Leather

Rope Halter

Safety Tear Drop Spring Snaps

SBS Crack Filler Kit II

SBS Save-A-Hoof Soak

SBS Thrush Stop

Shaft Bell Straps

Shipping Boots - 1800

Show Collar - #725 with Patten Rim

Show Collar - High Post - #725HP

Show Hames

Show Housings
We make all sizes Mini thru Draft

Show Sticks (white)

Single Fancy Choke Strap

Single harness box

Single Ring Spreaders

Singletree Wood & Steel

Sleigh Ride Christmas Cards

Slow Twist Eggbutt 1062

Slow Twist Full Cheek Eggbutt Snaffle 1089


Spike Tooth Harrow

Spring Tooth Harrow

Square Scissor Snap Stainless Steel 5015

Stainless Steel Double Tree - Evener

Stainless Steel Double Twisted Wire 311

Stainless Steel or Steel Spreader Bar

Stainless Steel Twisted Wire Snaffle 310c

Stainless Steel Twisted Wire Straight 311

Stainless Steel Wagon Parts

Steel or Wood Evener / Double tree - 2 Horse, 3Horse and 4 Horse
Mini thru Draft we have all sizes !

Steel or Wood Neck Yoke

Stock Strap

Summit Forecart

Supreme Bio (Long Back Pad) Show Harness

Supreme Todd (short back pad) Show Harness

Surcingle / Bitting Harness
Spring is around the corner and this is a training device that you should not do with out. Aids in the great head set.

Swivel Snap Stainless Steel 225

Swivel Snap Stainless Steel 5026

Tail Bow - Butterfly Style w/ Ribbon and Sequin Trim

Tail Bow - Butterfly Style with Trim

Tail Bow - Fan Style

Tail Bows - Butterfly Style

Tail Needle


Team Fancy Choke & Breast Strap 108

The Chicken Health Handbook 66611

The Donkey Companion 62038

The Victory - Signature Mouth Piece

The Victory - Swivel Purchase

Throat Latch

Tilted Low Port

Tom Thumb

Tongue Offset for 3 Horse

Tongues - Pole


Top Neck Pads

Trace Chains

Trailer Tie

Trigger Snap Stainless Steel 2001

Tug Conversion

V Style Martingale

Wagon / Carriage Lamp
Check out the Black /Brass lamps that are on sale.

Wagon light / lantern

Western Cinch or Girth

What Every Horse Should Know 62713

Whip Holder

White & Stainless Vee Spreaders

White or Brown Leather Halters and Bridles

Winter Blanket 1700B

Wooden Hames


Y Style Martingale


Feature Articles